One-on-One Coaching

Having a writing coach is a game changer. I have one! (And she has one, too!) She has been my counsel, my cheerleader, and my ruthless hard-hitter when I need it. It's hard to see your work when you're in it day after day, so it's immensely helpful to have an advocate rooting for you to go forward when the fog seems thick. 

Whether you're starting fresh, rewriting, or writing forward, I can help you pinpoint what needs to be fixed or deepened to make your story come alive and become the page-turner we both know it can be!

As your coach, my  keen eye for guiding you towards the deeper roots of your story works in tandem with helping you stay on track with it! Accountability is key for writers, as is feeling that someone "gets" your story, even if it's not fully fleshed out or clear yet.  And let's face it, we all get kicked in the teeth so much as artists, we need someone in our corner to say, “Yes! That’s it! Keep going! You got this!”

Package 1: two 75-minute phone/Skype sessions ($450 per month)
Package 2: weekly 75-minute phone/Skype sessions ($750 per month)

How each package works:
48 hours prior to our phone session, you will send me up to 30 pages for review.
During our session, we will discuss your pages, what works, what doesn't, and how to get your script to the next phase/chapter/scene. (I recommend being in front of your computer or having something to write on because ideas will fly, fast and furious!)
You will also have time during the call to ask specific questions about the material you sent.

For more information or to book your package, drop me an email.

"Jennifer has a knack for spotting a story inside someone. It’s like a superpower she has. I was struggling with moving ideas
from my head to the page and she helped me dig deeper into the truth of my characters so their stories came to life and moved organically from them rather than me."
— Stacy Baker Masand, screenwriter, New York Times bestselling author