Manuscript Analysis

So you've spent weeks, months, or, most likely, years working to get to "The End" and finally you're there! Congrats! Now it's time for revisions, and we all know writing is re-writing. But where to begin?  It can be hard to see your story when you've been inside your story writing it for any length of time. Having a fresh set of eyes on your manuscript is immensely helpful in getting you to your next draft. 

After I read your manuscript or film/TV script, I will tell you what's working, what's not, why, and how to fix it based on real solutions.

What you'll get: 
• detailed notes within your script or manuscript
• analysis of character, themes, plot, and world
• a strategy for your rewrite or polish based on your story goals
• 2 phone sessions, 1-hour each 

Cost: Fees vary based on format and length. 

For more information or a project estimate, drop me an email.

“Award winning producers had given me notes and yet, still, I was simply unable to figure out how to elevate the work to where everyone agreed it needed to be. Jennifer’s gentle yet insightful take was the elixir. With her input, I was finally able to approach this very personal project with a focused direction and, most importantly, an authenticity, that truly served the script.” 

Nanci Katz- writer for ABC, Lionsgate, selected for the Writers’ Lab sponsored by Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey, finalist in the comedy feature category at the Austin Film Festival