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I started writing stories to keep myself company. As an only child, I spent most of my time alone with my German Shepherd, Smokey, in the woods behind our house imagining myriad adventures for us. Since then, I've expanded my own storytelling craft and, as a result, one of my greatest passions has become helping other people tell their stories.  

Curriculum Vitae

I graduated from Boston University with a dual degree in screenwriting and French. I lived in France, then Sydney, Australia to study cinema, after which I came to Los Angeles and began work as an actress in TV, films, and commercials.

In 2003, I started taking improv and everything changed. It brought me back to my roots of storytelling, or as it's called in the improv world, make 'em ups. In 2004, I started a 2-woman sketch comedy show called "L.A. Women" with one of my best friends, Sabrina Hill.  The show ran successfully for 7 years in various venues and comedy festivals around Los Angeles.  Sabrina and I wrote and performed hundreds of sketches. 

After giving birth to my son in 2009, I used writing as a form of survival and therapy, exploring motherhood, postpartum depression and its struggles. Telling my own story ultimately inspired me to write my first novel. 

Shortly thereafter, I began reading film/TV scripts and book manuscripts for my writer friends, as a favor, to give them notes. Again and again I got the same response: I helped them break through to their next draft, giving them insight into a problem they didn’t realize was blocking them. This led me to offer my script analysis service professionally, then my one-on-one coaching packages and eventually the workshop series. 

When I'm not working with writers, I'm writing my second novel and my first staged musical, while trying not to adopt a third rescue dog. (Two is enough, right?)